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The Thankful Thirteen

By: Angela

November, the month of “Thankfulness”. This is a time to reflect and become aware of all things that bring you joy and happiness. Learn to be grateful on a daily basis. We have so much around us to appreciate. How about expressing gratitude and becoming aware of our eating? The food you eat, how it affects the senses, how it tastes and makes you feel. This practice of consuming food with attention is known as...

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"Angela’s nutrition savvy has been the single solution to my eating issues. With her guidance and incredibly wise advice, I’ve learned how to shop, cook, and eat delicious and nutritious foods! Food is exciting, medicinal, and healing! I’ve learned all of this from Angela!"

~ K.L., Portland, Oregon

"Pickled Beet is the holy trinity of health coaching: Angela is creative, responsive, and ridiculously smart. She is the voice of nutritional reason in a fad-diet crazy world."

~ T.T., Forest Grove, Oregon

"I met Angela in our favorite kettlebell gym and found that we had a lot in common. Angela’s expertise and knowledge of nutrition has been of great value to me. I’m always interested in learning more and inspired by her direction and support. Nutrition is such a diverse component of living well. If you need help, support or guidance, Angela is a great person to tap into."

~ J.R., Milwaukie, Oregon